My Reading of The Book About A Boy

I have now read the entire book of «About A Boy». I am now going to tell what the book is about and my experience of reading it.

The book is set around the year 2000 and takes place in London, England. The theme of the book is childhood, and how friends are important at a young age. I think this theme is both important and relevant today. Why? Because as a human being we do decide who we are going to become. Its the people around us that decide and with no friends and just a sad mum, things look bad. It’s important to have friends no matter the age and «About A Boy» show this. “There had been times when he knew, somewhere in him, that he would get used to it, whatever it was, because he had learnt that some hard things became softer after a very little while.” ― Nick Hornby, About A Boy. This is a quote from «About a Boy» and I think this quote explains the friendship of Will and Marcus.

Will is much older than Marcus but as soon as they get to know each other better they get along. Life turns better for them both. Marcus becomes cooler and safer meanwhile Will gets a deeper meaning of life. The book starts with showing us kid which is miserable and an adult who can’t find meaning with his life. Things are bad for the kid but turn even worse when his mum abandons him by trying suicide. Then they meet each other and get a friendship as I explained early in the post. They both develop because of this friendship and Will become more caring for others while Marcus becomes more independent.

I had a great time reading the book. It lived up to everything as though it was going to be. It had everything. The book made me laugh and the book made me sad. Even though these are great side effects from reading a book the best of all the side effects was that the book made me think. It made me think that if I see someone is having a hard time I should maybe stop by and ask. Because not everyone has a friend even though everyone deserves one.


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