My First Week Of My New Everyday

My name is Daniel Lyder Emblemsvag. I was born on the 22nd of december 2002 in Bærum, Akershus. I live in Vollen wich is a small place outside of Asker. It close to the fjord of Oslo. I’ve gone to elementary school in Vollen. Ive gone to Vollen middle school. Now im going Sandvika high school wich is an hour to travel from where I live. It may sound like a bad choice, but I actually think quite the opposite.

August 16th. That was the day I had been waiting for all summer. Why? Well because i was gonna start at a new school with new people and new teachers. A school were I almost didn’t know anyone. It’s not that I didn’t have friends at middle school. The thing is that almost all my friends went to different schools, a schools that is closer to were i live. Schools were you don’t have to wake up 6.00 AM so you don’t get late to class. A shcool were you know almost everyone and feel safe. Even though going to the same shcool as my friends may sound good, does it mean its a good thing?

I have given myself a lot of time to think when it comes to school. I have come to the conclusion that I think that I will benefit from going my own way. Instead of staying with the people I already know, im looking forward to meet new people and make new friends. I also think I will benefit when it comes to jobs from waking up early in the morning. Even though it takes more time to get to school I save time aswell. I save time because after school i can go straight to boxing practice in Oslo.

I’m done with the first week of school and looking back im happy with my choice. I’ve met a bunch new people, made new friends and learned new things. The teachers seem great, and im looking forward to staying three more years at Sandvika high school. On september 18th were going to Nordmarka in Oslo. We are going to stay there until september 19th and do activities to get to know each other better. Im really looking forward to the trip and hopefully everyone else is too. So that was me and my first week of my new everyday.108499-812940a9127ce00988fab18d4e543ce3


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